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How to make links

Make a link
The most basic way to expand beyond a single-page site is by creating links to other pages. A simple line of code will allow you to link anywhere you choose with either a text link or an image link. If the page you are linking to is on the same site, use the address of that page ("filename.php"). If it is elsewhere such as another domain, the code will begin with "http://" or "https://". The code http:// stands for "Hypertext Transfer Protocol", and is used to indicate that the page being linked-to is elsewhere. "https://" is "Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure", which is used for sites with a security certificate (sites processing credit card info, for example).

Make a text link

The code for a text link has the form <a href="http://sitename.com">Site Name</a>.

<a href="http://tealmermaid.com">This is a link.</a>

This is a link.

Make an image link

The code for a image link has the form <a href="http://sitename.com"><img src="http://sitename.com/img.png"></a>.

<a href="http://tealmermaid.com/index.php"><img
src="http://tealmermaid.com/includes/tealmermaid.png" alt="this is an image"></a>

this is an image

Make a targeted link

If you want your link to open into a new window, add the code target="_new" to your linking code.

<a href="http://tealmermaid.com/index.php" target="new">This link opens in a new window. Click me.</a>

This link opens in a new window. Click me.

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