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How to make your Mac run faster

faster mac
While a Mac is already faster than the average PC, it never hurts to work on making an already fast machine even faster. A few tweaks to your system settings in addition to some routine Mac maintenance will show immediate improvement to your Mac's processing speed.

Follow these simple tips to make your Mac's processor even faster.

Clean off your desktop

faster mac Simple yet effective. The more icons on your Mac's desktop, the slower your machine gets because it needs more time to perform even the most basic of tasks. This becomes even worse if you are storing actual files on your desktop. Take a few minutes to create folders for general categories of files ("mine", "taxes", "photos", etc), then sort all of your files into those folders. Not enough folders? Create more as needed, but try to keep the folders general enough to contain several subfolders.

Isn't it nice to see your desktop background again?

Free up your disk space (part I)

Obvious but often overlooked that an easy way to make things run faster is to have fewer files. Your Mac will run faster if it has fewer files to look through when accessing your project. Don't delete files or apps that are being used frequently, but do you need multiple photos of your dog? Can you remove a few of those extra photos?

Tip: If you really need to keep that file but don't access it all that often, consider moving it to an external drive. A USB flash drive works well for storing photos from that vacation to Duluth ten years ago. You can plug in the drive whenever you feel nostalgic.

Free up your disk space (part II)

faster mac When is the last time you cleared your web browser's cache? Clearing browsing data once in a while can make a huge difference to your processor's speed. This can easily add up to gigs of old browsing data being liberated. Try it, you'll like your new speed.

On Chrome select:

Chrome > Clear Browsing Data > Clear Browsing Data (button).

Free up your disk space (part III)

faster mac On a related note, when is the last time your emptied your Trash? Again, this adds up fast if you tend to Trash files and forget them. However, they still take up disk space until you actually empty the Trash. Just click on the Trash icon on the dock and click that Empty button (upper right) to see your hard drive become cleaner and fresher.

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