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Time Machine backup to Mac migration


restore Mac from Time Machine backup
If your Mac needs to be fully restored from a Time Machine backup, this restoration process is not as bad as it could be provided you have a good backup available. This can be done by a process called macOS Recovery.

To access macOS Recovery:

Restart your Mac. Immediately hold down Control-R as the Recovery Key combination. Continue holding until an Apple logo or spinning globe appear.

The Startup process is complete when the Utilities window appears. You will see several options. Select Restore From Time Machine Backup, then click Continue. This allows you to restore your Mac from any backup available in Time Machine. Choose which version you desire, then proceed. Follow any further directions given (if any).

When you are finished, you can close macOS Recovery if necessary by selecting either Restart or Shut Down from the  menu (top left corner).

Don't have an emergency backup?

time machine

You can and should set your Time Machine to back up automatically every hour. This will give you an hourly backup for the most recent 24 hours, daily backups for the last month, and weekly backups for the last month. Backups will be deleted automatically beginning with the oldest existing backup once your backup drive becomes full.

time machine

You can also take a backup of your Mac via Time Machine at any time. Select the Time Machine icon (the little clock) from your dock, then Back Up Now from the menu. This will start your new backup.

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