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Unique gift ideas for Apple Mac users


mac gift guide
What gift should you buy for your favourite Mac user? Almost everyone nowadays owns at least one Apple product. Macbook, iPhone, iPad, iPod -- ask around to see that someone will have one or wants one. This makes shopping for gifts quite easy once you know what Apple products are on their wishlist. You can find the perfect Mac gifts right here, from stocking stuffer to the biggest "wow" present for that special someone!

Low budget Apple gifts

Mid-priced Apple gift ideas

  • An iPod Shuffle is a great gift idea for anyone who is in the market for a small, lightweight MP3 player. Once music has been loaded onto the Shuffle, songs will play in random order. The Shuffle can easily be clipped to a pocket for security. It adds some variety to one's day, yet is light enough to carry along while jogging.
  • For the price point, I would recommend one of these Vangoddy laptop bags. I have one of these myself, and I must say, this is the nicest laptop bag I can find for this price. It is constructed of sturdy nylon with two pockets on the front, one with a pair of pen or stylus holders and the other sized for a iPhone sans case. The main compartment contains a mesh pocket on one side for an iPad or other drawing tablet and a solid pocket on the other for your laptop. It can hold up to a 17" Macbook, and there are access flaps at the appropriate points to allow you to charge your laptop. In addition to the usual handles, there is also a removable shoulder strap for ease of carrying.

Mac gifts for big spenders

If you are only going to own one Apple branded device, the iPad is it. They make a great e-reader for anyone trying to minimize the space needed for a book collection. They are perfect for storing that huge recipe collection in the kitchen. Download children's apps, and you can have a wonderful educational toy for your child. This is the best gift, available in Space Gray to be extra festive.