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Have you heard the Word of Apple? Devout Mac user here, just spreading the Word about the Cult of Mac. In my humble estimation, Apple does it all and best. Once you go Mac, you will never think to go back to your old computer system. iLove my Mac devices. All my stuff is made on a Mac. How about yours?

How do I create the Apple logo via my keyboard?

The text code for an Apple logo is Option-Shift-K to create  in "GB18030 Bitmap font". This will only work on a Mac, btw.

How do I recycle my Mac?

Your Mac can be recycled online. A prepaid mailing label will be sent to you once Apple knows which device you are sending in. You can even earn an Apple gift card if you have a newer device.

Your device can also be recycled at any Apple store if there is one nearby. Again, you can even earn an Apple gift card if you have a newer device.

If your community has a program to recycle electronic waste (e-waste) such as computers, you can participate in that to help out your community.

Tip: Please remember to delete your data from your hard drive prior to recycling.

I'm having iTunes issues.

Please see the following article:

How do I clean my Mac?

Please see the following articles:

How do I delete all my data from a Mac device?

  1. Sign out of iTunes.
  2. Sign out of iCloud.
  3. Sign out of iMessage.
  4. Reformat your hard drive.

This should leave you with a blank hard drive.

How do I move my data to a new Mac?

When is the best time to buy a new Mac?

It is important to time your purchase if possible. You don't want to buy a new Mac just before a new release. The new machine you just bought is now the old version! Yikes!

Keep in mind that with Apple there is always something new in the works, so buy a new Mac when you want or (more importantly) need to buy it.

New Mac or refurbished Mac?

I almost always buy certified refurbished devices. You can put AppleCare on it so it has the same warranty as new in the event that something goes horribly wrong.

Which Macs do you own?

My in-home Apple devices presently include:

Also in-house belonging to various family members are:

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