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Confessions of a Luddite developer

luddite coding anonymous

Welcome to Luddite Coders Anonymous

"Hi! I'm Tealmermaid, and I am a Luddite developer."
"Hi, Tealmermaid!"
"I like to write all my code by hand."
Cue nodding in agreement.
"Indeed!" "Preach it!"

What is a Luddite?

lud·dite (pronounced /ˈlʌd.aɪt/): those opposed to the usage of modern technology. Named after the fictional Ned Ludd whose smashing of two stocking frames in 1779 became emblematic of the machine-destroying movement.

Why hand-code anything?

Stress relief. Seriously.

New apps are not necessarily making development any easier. When a developer uses someone else's app to design a web site, that developer becomes dependent on that app. Not only does it need to start working right from the proverbial box, but the developer also becomes dependent on the original designer continuing to develop and otherwise upgrade the app to keep up with ever-changing computer technology such as operating systems. Windows 1.0 worked quite differently from what is available today (each window "bonked" off others rather than tile properly, for example); Mac OS likewise was an entirely different creature from Mac OS X. If an app no longer works in a manner that suits your current needs, you will spend days modifying the existing code until it does what you need it to do -- or paying someone else to fix it. Ouch.

On the other hand, if you code it yourself, you know everything about how the code works. Turn the text violet, give your footer a 500px height, float that image to the right. Don't like how it displays? You can look back at the source code at any time to determine what code creates a particular property. The possibilities are endless! I find this to be a less-stressful method of web development.

Other benefits to Luddite development

What software or apps do you use for hand-coding?

Remember, this method makes things easier, not harder. Write your code in whatever plain-text editor comes wth your computer. For a Mac, this is TextEdit. On a Windows machine, look for Notepad.

Note: Beware of rich-text editors or word processing software such as WordPad or Word as these add markup code (bold, italic, underline, etc) as you write your code. Rather than waste time stripping this markup code out when you are done, it is better to start off with an editor that doesn't add markup code at all. The only markup code on your page will be that which you code yourself.

Luddite coding tips

HTML and CSS are not difficult programming languages to learn. A few basic codes cover most of what you need to create a simple web site.

With you have the basics of HTML coding down pat, you can get fancy with scripting.

To install your completed site, you will need shell access via a web host. This will probably include command-line Linux.

Also, while not strictly HTML, the related code called BBCode is useful if you use certain types of social media sites.

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