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About the Mermaid logo


Mostly preserving this for posterity.

Periodic rebranding is not necessarily a bad thing. In my case, it generally means that my image file has gotten corrupted to the point that I can no longer open the graphic in my graphics software (or now, graphics app). If I have to re-draw the logo to have something usable, I might as well re-draw the logo in my current drawing style. Ergo: logo facelift time!

To the immediate left is the current incarnation.

A brief history of my brand logo





These are the oldest things I can find at the moment, circa 2007 through 2009. It's a smudgy little thing barely more better than an 8-bit graphic, but there it is. There are some slight colour differences between graphics.

The tiny thing is my old avatar.

The profile screencap is from a content farm onto which I was dumping stray articles around that time.

The bigger banner is my original eCrater shop banner.

2009 through 2017


Then the graphic got corrupted. I re-drew the logo into this version. I kept this one for a long time until the inevitable happened in 2017.
  2018 to present


Despite the graphic file breaking late 2017, I didn't have time to redo the poor logo until early 2018. This is the current version.