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An introduction to Adobe Photoshop


an introduction to Adobe Photoshop
Graphics editing is a means to perform an easy manipulation of a single digital image such as a photo or logo. This is done through software (on your computer) or via an app. All graphic manipulation applications with robust capabilities will have a steep learning curve. They will require you to spend time reading tutorials and practicing to refine your skills. With time and experience, you can master all graphics editing and design techniques to use any graphics manipulation app for these as well as more complex tasks.

Although graphic manipulation software used to be a huge expenditure for a new graphic designer, Adobe's new Creative Cloud allows access to their apps on a pay-per-month basis. Pay as you go for what you need to use.

Probably the most popular of the Adobe apps is Photoshop CC, which I use for my image editing, graphic manipulation, and design work. The app requires no almost space on your personal computer, and it is not usually not greatly affected by your system resources. You can access the app anywhere there is an Internet connection. That means you can work on graphics anywhere at any time.

Special features of Adobe Photoshop

App features

Features include the all-important Undo, an assortment of brushes and pens, Zoom, layers with blending options, and image manipulation options such as resizing, recolouring, cropping, cloning, and inserting text. There are also all the standard filters to apply to an image such as Blur, Noise, and Pixelate.

Files can be saved as any of the following common file types (plus a few specialized file types):

You can also print graphics to a PDF. I find this helpful when making colouring pages to print later.

Mac or PC: your choice

Since this is an app rather than conventional software, it will run on any device you have available. I run it on my Mac without any issues. In the event of the app crashing, it will even recover unsaved graphics files.

There is also no problem using a tablet to interface with the app. I find it runs faster when my iPad is tethered via USB to the Mac, but it does work over wireless if need be. This allows for the use of a stylus for drawing -- a huge bonus for fine linework.

Active community forum

One good feature about Adobe is the support network within the community forum. Take a few minutes to read the FAQs about each app including Photoshop before asking any questions. If you still can’t find the answers to your questions, the members and moderators of the site would be more than happy to help you.

Visit Adobe to download the Photoshop app

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