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An introduction to deviantART


an introduction to deviantART

What is DeviantART? DeviantART is one of the largest artist-centric sites around. DeviantART is first and foremost designed to display your artwork in a user-friendly interface to a targeted audience. While a basic account is free, there is a subscription service available to add extra features to one's account.

How to create an account on DeviantART

Begin by choosing a username. It is a popular site, so many "good" usernames are taken.

Once a username is chosen, the system will create a homepage for you -- a profile page -- on the site in the form "username.deviantart.com".

From the profile thus created, you will get a gallery to which you can upload your images to for free, as well as a journal, a prints section if you offer that option to your viewers, and a collection of 'faves' or favourites (other people's work that you have added to your favourites collection). There is also a scraps section for you to hide your "junk" work -- sketches, in progress, and silly pictures.

What is the purpose of deviantART?

Besides showing your work to a targeted audience, deviantART is a good place to get feedback in the form of comments and favourites. It is a very social site for artists. Just to be aware, however, most artists on deviantART are digital artists rather than being involved with photography or other physical media.

Create digital art:

All you really need to draw digitally is suitable software and something to draw on. Once your software is installed, you will need a drawing stylus and tablet. I use my iPad as a tablet emulator with the use of an app called Astropad .

Disclaimer: happy Mac artist at play. If you run Windows, you will have to do your own research.

Special features of deviantART

Linearts, tutorials, and stock images:

One useful aspect of deviantART are the free resources which other artists make available for download and use. You can find tutorials for how to make virtually anything, stock images, or linearts to colour with just a bit of looking around.


This is how deviantART makes its money. The subscriptions are for extra features such as pretty journals, the ability to browse with more images per page, no ads, an option to turn on the ‘critique me’ function, and fancier profile pages. If you just want to display your art, you do not need a subscription.


While on-site artists have run unofficial clubs on deviantART for years, deviantART has recently created Groups as a social option. These groups allow artists to submit existing art along common themes. Groups are a good way to both fill up your inbox with more art than you can shake a stick at and to get your art in front of those people interested in the same subjects. Each group is run by real people with their own rules, but you can start your own if you can not find a group you like.

Mature images:

DeviantART also has an option to label images as ‘mature’. What this means is that you can choose whether or not to view them. You will normally have to be logged in to view mature images.

Visit deviantART : where ART meets application!