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The importance of branding


the importance of branding

What is a brand?

A brand is the "face" of your business. It is more than just a slogan or cute logo that appears on your web site. It is more than a really long domain name (i.e. "jjssuperdelicioustacos.com"). A brand becomes the sum total of the experience that customers have with your business: good, bad, or indifferent. A brand is what you want customers to remember when they think of your business.

Why develop a brand?

Branding can promote recognition for a business. Not only does this create repeat customers who feel they can trust your company's offerings, but it allows happy customers to recommend your business to others. How can a customer tell others about your fantastic service or product if they can't remember the name of your company?

Branding is what your business unique in today's competitive marketplace. Your brand needs to stand above the crowd to be memorable. Your brand needs to be an ibex, not a sheep. One of the worst thing that can happen with a business is that someone else's brand is mistaken for yours. When that happens, you just lost that customer to a business with stronger brand recognition, and you may not be able to get that customer back.

A brand can also add value to a business. If your company goes viral, that has added value in today's marketplace: the name of your business can become a household word like Apple or Pepsi. Why do we recognise those brands so easily? Brand names become household words precisely because they are easily recognized. Coca-Cola's red and white logo is easy to spot on the supermarket shelf, and their products are purchased precisely for that reason. People drive through at McDonald's or Wendy's instead of Granny's Kitchen because they want familiarity to go with that quick meal. Branding creates a known quantity for which customers will return again and again.

How to develop a brand

Creating a strong brand doesn't happen overnight. Start small with a web site and its logo, and build from there. Promote your business in person (with business cards and flyers), at events such as conventions, and on social media. Become the company that your customers know and trust, and they will become repeat customers.

Tip: The important thing about branding is to get your business name out there. The more your targeted customers hear it, the more familiar it will become to them.

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