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What is digital art?


what is digital art
Digital art is the creation of virtual art via digital technology. This can be used for everything from a simple sketch to an entire 3D universe of special effects. The base image for a piece of digital art can be a graphic that was physically drawn and scanned into the computer, or it can created as an entirely virtual image.

I admit up front that I am very old-school when it comes to art. I have had a lot of training in art techniques from photography (with actual film that I developed myself) to painting to sculpting to calligraphy (with an actual pen, nib, and ink), but I have over the last few years been doing more and more art digitally.

What I draw

My art is done with the Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud. I can use my iPad as a tablet emulator with the use of an app called Astropad. This allows me better control for the lineart and colouring of digital art. Due to a lot of medical issues, fine motor control can be a problem, but the stylus helps with that. It is in any case preferable to umpteen rounds of erasing wonky linework on paper.

At the moment, I primarily draw things to illustrate my web sites, or random doodles, but I have previously done a lot of graphics for professional logo and web design. I started off back in the day creating a brand logo for myself (my "brand" is Tealmermaid), and went from there.

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