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What are CSS and HTML?

fun with HTML code
HTML and CSS are the building blocks of the Internet. The short version is that HTML controls the form and function of a web site whereas CSS controls the aesthetics of a web site. Without these types of markup code, the Internet would not exist.

What is HTML?

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a language which all computers everywhere can understand and use. Every computer in the world can turn HTML to handle text, images, and videos. This coding language is what makes the World Wide Web possible. HTML can be identified within code because it occurs in angle-brackets such as <p> or <br> to label all parts of the page which are being displayed.

Four basic markup tags are used for HTML formatting of text and images:

Property tags such as font-family or background-color can be added to <p>, <div>, and <hr>.

What is CSS?

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a markup code that controls the visual aspects of a page. CSS codes are in the form: property: value;. They can be included within HTML code using style="" (see the style markup?). For example, <p style="background-color: yellow"> means "make the paragraph's background yellow."

make the paragraph's background yellow

A "style sheet" means your entire site can be controlled from a single page of CSS markup. Each part of your site can be labeled with a piece of markup code to control its appearance. If you want neon pink text on a grey background, you can write CSS to control that.

Tip: Check your site on different browsers. Not all computers are equal. Your code may display differently on different computers. Take a few minutes to check that your code both works and looks the way you want it to look on different computers.

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