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How to create a playlist in iTunes


how to create a playlist in iTunes
I am the sort of person who gets OCD about playing an entire block of albums by a particular artist or group. The problem with this is that starting with the first song on the first album and letting it run means being ready to stop when the last song is finished. If you don't, it will proceed to the next artist's albums.

It is better for me to set up a series of playlists to sort music by artist, group, or theme. This way, iTunes is ready to go with whatever type of music I am in the mood for at that particular moment.

Tip: If done correctly, you can even use iTunes to emulate a white noise generator by setting up a playlist of your favourite white noise or nature sounds.

Create a new playlist in iTunes

how to create a playlist in iTunes

  1. Import the tracks into iTunes if you have not already done so [how to import a CD into iTunes].
  2. Click File, then New, then Playlist.
  3. Type a name for the playlist.
  4. If adding a single song to a playlist, simply, drag a song to the newly-created playlist. If you wish to add an entire album, click on the ... menu (next to Shuffle All), then click Add to Playlist to select which playlist to add this to.

How to edit a playlist in iTunes

how to edit a playlist in iTunes

If you decide to add items to the playlist or delete existing items, click on Edit playlist, then repeat the process to make your changes. When you are finished, click Done at the lower right corner of iTunes.

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