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About the Mermaid


Hello, world! Call me Minnie. My "brand" and general username online is Tealmermaid. That image looks a lot like how I see myself (but with better hair -- and better colouring).

I am a digital artist and photographer, all-consuming reader of non-fiction, unabashed Luddite developer, and internet aficionado. I remember what the internet looked like in the early '90s. I can frequently be found facedown in a pile of books on my latest subject of interest. I also like paper in general rather than digital.

I tend to reference myself in third-person, mostly because it irritates some people. It's also kind of fun to do.

Most frequent comment from others about me: "feisty". What I say on an almost daily basis: "Do as you're told if you know what's good for you."

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